Who We Are.

Beaded by Na is a handmade and curated jewelry boutique. We create and search for pieces that allow our muses to celebrate and empower themselves, all the while amplifying the beauty they already possess. We recognize that without our Muses we could serve no purpose, our muses are included in the design process, from searching for colors, charms and various essential pieces. Why this is necessary.
Again this is not just about the creation of "Art", these pieces are made to celebrate "YOU". I want you to look in the mirror and love on the person who is staring back at you! Self Celebration is vital, you are your greatest asset and do not let a soul tell you any different! If no one else in the world loves or cares we at Beaded By Na sure as heck do! Once you step onto this side we became friends whether you intended to or not.


Who we do it for. YOU.